Thursday, May 13, 2010


pe yg korang pk..sme tak betol..seryes..tak tipu..tipu msk neraka..haha..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


tu je nk ckp..syaitonirrajim..sekian terima kasih..

Monday, May 10, 2010


wii~ baru igt nk wat blog ni senyap2..tgk2 dh ade follower...haha..hye isya..

Friday, April 16, 2010


its my comeback to the blog change of input..still the same person and same issues..

whats up with ur face??

why do girls think they need to have SO MUCH crap on their faces? do they really think that will get them a guy?i think natural looking makeup will be enough...please..i'm soo not into that and do not force me to apply any mascara, powder. lipstic or whatever the name is (i'm not really up to date with all those things) on my face..i hate it..i hate being a doll for jokes..hurm..being hot to not my me and accept me for who i am..argh!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

i hate today......

No one in the family was admitted to the hospital. I didn’t failed my paper..i think so..haha.. Usually, music makes me a happier but not for today.

  • I hate the fact that I love my partner so much and i cant afford to lose him..but he failed to see that in me..i hate him for that..not that he doesnt appreciate me..but i need major attention..
  • I hate myself for being so biiiggg..i mean..really big...make me hard to breath..
  • I hate the woman driver who doesnt know how to drive well...especially makcik2 yang nk hantar anak pegi sekola..its so obvious..people got stucked because of them..including me!!i hate for being in this situation..get me frustrated. Seriously...
  • I hate people who tailgate me when I’m driving 100-120km/hr. I hope they all get tickets. huh..
Slowly he settles down to give them what they want
He tries to keep himself together
I would slam my head in the ground before I tell you this
He turns his head to the floor as it falls away

I'm a product of your hate
Just the one that you'd create
Is anybody listening to a word I say?
I hate today

You taught me everything you know
The blame will surely show, ya
I try to keep it down forever

Days have taken years
To conquer all my fear
I stand before you now
Sickened and cut-down

I'm a product of your hate
Just the one that you'd create
Is anybody listening to a word I say?
I hate today